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In areas of poor broadband, there are alternatives to the good old BT lines we usually rely on. Slow download speeds or even just poor upload speeds which things like Zoom and Teams need to function properly. Firstly, 4G has made some great improvements in coverage. Speeds with EE are getting great download, and upload speeds. With prices having fallen to a phone line broadband connection affordability is not so much of an obstacle. This makes it a great solution for poor broadband in areas where 4G can give coverage. A simple dongle can help but usually as the issue tends to be remote locations or small villages, dongles just don’t have a powerful enough receiver to work indoors.

The issue is the financial returns of getting superfast broadband over aging copper isn’t worth the suppliers bothering about. As long as they hit the minimum speeds, which is not enough for standard internet requirements, nothing will be done.

The solution is a 4G aerial/modem. These can be easily mounted on the current TV aerial or even in the loft space directed at the 4G mast. Which mast and which supplier is not straight forward, but that’s what we are here for. Get it tuned correctly and you can be getting tens of Megabytes down, and up, miles away from any obvious mast.

It maybe that 4G doesn’t give quite the speed or stability in certain areas. There can be a number of reasons, but there is another solution that is available. Elon Musk’s Starlink solution. A low flying satellite broadband delivery solution. It is more expensive at £500 for the equipment alone and then £90 per month for the connection. But if we are looking at the alternatives of running dedicated fibre at thousands of pounds per km then this is quite a small price to pay for very fast internet speeds. Speeds of in excess of 80Mb down and 30 up are achievable. This solution from Elon Musk could well be a game changer for internet speeds especially if the price comes down a little. So no more reasons for slow broadband or choppy teams calls. You get to choose whether you are working from home today!

With the 4G or Starlink connection in place and even if you have a good broadband connection over the copper wires, the next area is getting that internet speed around the house, in the front room for the TV and upstairs in the spare room/home office is just as important. We can help you there as well. Just sticking a load of ‘Mesh’ devices around the house wont always work. Don’t forget the reason you don’t have good/fast speeds around the house/office is probably due to things like thick walls and foil insulation, so why would an ‘extender’ fair much better if there is just no signal getting through. How to set your wifi system up is something we can help with.

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